About Us

Atlantic Aero Support was founded by Donald Pare and his partner Tim Pellegrino in 1988. Don serves as the Company’s President and General Manager and brings over 45 years of aviation operations and maintenance experience, including in the field of production, quality control, and senior management. Atlantic Aero Support is a full-service FAA. Certified repair station with Accessory Class 1 and Class 2 ratings, servicing military, commuter, regional and corporate aircraft. Its team of maintenance professionals includes a dedicated staff with a broad range of backgrounds and expertise, allowing the Company the flexibility to meet the needs of its diverse customer base.

Atlantic Aero Support recognizes the importance of aging aircraft and its components. The company has been heavily involved in developing repair specifications to provide increased reliability and reduced maintenance cost to its customers. For example, the company developed repair solutions for landing gear actuator systems to include bearing gland re-work and plating. Further, the company continuously pursues and evaluates component repairs that can be implemented using an FAA designated Engineering Representative (DER). Atlantic Aero Support is a sponsor of FAA safely seminars and fully complies with FAA Antidrug policies.

Donald Pare

Our Mission

Atlantic Aero Support’s mission is to provide responsible and professional premium quality aircraft maintenance services as well as component and material repairs, sales and exchanges. Our results are our reputation. Our stringent adherence to quality standards has earned wide recognition from the industry’s governing bodies. Our customers receive the highest quality parts, unsurpassed services and attention, and unparalleled certification and trace documentation for every asset transaction.

Customer Support

Throughout our 30-year history, Atlantic Aero Support has adapted to new challenges and demands, but one thing has remained constant, our tradition of excellence. This is made possible by our employees who have dedicated themselves to providing unmatched quality, service and safety in aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul. We look forward to working with you.

Competitive Rates

We’re committed to quoting the best possible rate. We understand money is the bottom line for most companies, we are prepared to work with our customers to acquire cost effective parts. We’ve built great relationships with our vendors for over 30 years and you can be assured we will have the materials and parts needed to repair and overhaul any component.

Quality Workmanship

With over 90 years of combined aviation experience, our team of technicians are devoted and take pride in their work while complying with the highest FAA standards. Expertise training includes; Factory, FAA, OJT & AMT. Atlantic Aero Support is a sponsor of FAA safety seminars and fully complies with FAA Antidrug policies.